About ISF Resource Futures

ISF seeks to provide support for the mainstream adoption of sustainability concepts and to integrate sustainability principles into standard practices in which the technical and human dimensions of resource usage in production and consumption cycles are considered.

A robust approach requires understanding the complex, multiple aspects of the resource lifecycle: extraction, production and manufacture, packaging and waste creation, community behaviours and attitudes towards recycling, barriers and limitations to improved resource management and best practice options for local governments, producers and consumers.

ISF can assist organisations who require assessment methods to develop a vision for the future and then prioritise options on the basis of relative cost, effectiveness and broader sustainability dimensions. These options can then be translated into innovative strategies and tangible projects that deliver real change.

Our areas of expertise include:
> Institutional, governance and policy development
> Extended producer responsibility
> Container deposit legislation
> Sustainable production and consumption
> Industrial Ecology
> Materials Flow Analysis
> Life cycle analysis and assessment

Download our Resource Futures capability statement (pdf, 285kb)