ISF seeks to provide support for the mainstream adoption of sustainability concepts and to integrate sustainability principles into standard practices in which the technical and human dimensions of resource usage in production and consumption cycles are considered.

Vision 2040Vision 2040
In 2011, the issues surrounding Australia’s mineral future are complex, requiring broad and ongoing discussion among all stakeholders .Vision 2040: Mining, Minerals and Innovation aims to provide direction for a national strategy that transforms existing assumptions about how Australia can contribute to local and global development. Download the print edition (6.74 Mb) or the smaller web edition (1.87 Mb)

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Highlights of Vision 2040 released for AMEC 2011Highlights of Vision 2040 released for AMEC 2011Dr Damien Giurco, Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney will present results from Vision 2040, a collaboration of academics, government and industry leaders on defining a sustainable path for mining into the future.