Highlights of Vision 2040 released for AMEC 2011

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Highlights of Vision 2040 released for AMEC 2011Highlights of Vision 2040 released for AMEC 2011Dr Damien Giurco, Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney will present results from Vision 2040, a collaboration of academics, government and industry leaders on defining a sustainable path for mining into the future.

Vision 2040: Mining, Minerals and Innovation, is intended as the first step towards a national strategy for the development mineral resources that will guide future development and ensure long-term benefit to the national community.

Key results include:

  • A sovereign wealth fund to support diversification, infrastructure and innovation
  • Developing best practice mine closure and transformational technologies, exporting know-how
  • Linking mining and clean energy to make greener minerals for ethical and responsible supply chains
  • Measuring and managing above and below ground stocks to guide technology and policy development

Download the Vision 2040 Highlights