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On 28 September 2010 the World Economic Forum;, Minerals Council of Australia; CSIRO and the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS – collectively hosted an interactive workshop in Melbourne looking at the future of Australia’s mining and metals industry.

Over 30 participants explored the implications of CSIRO global megatrends for industry in Australia under three scenarios prepared by the World Economic Forum to explore future context and response strategies.

The National Peak Minerals Forum was held in late April, as part of the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship research into Australian Mineral Futures. Key stakeholders were invited to discuss the impacts, opportunities and challenges presented by the peaking of key minerals in Australia. The forum was held at the Australia Museum and featured a range of key note speakers on the economic, environmental, technical and social implications of peak minerals.

Minerals and metals will continue to play an important role in underpinning the future prosperity of our society. However, to confront the challenge of sustainability, the way in which resources are currently used, and might usefully be used in future, merits serious and broad discussion.